Venezuela is facing a humanitarian crisis with millions without access to basic healthcare, food or essential services such as water or electricity.
One of every three Venezuelans is facing hunger and 9.3 million of them suffer from food insecurity.
Since 2016 we have been working in rural and high crime areas to assist children and adults living in extreme poverty.
Here are our programs in Venezuela.

Nurturing Hope

We provide comprehensive care to 1,000 children in the areas of nutrition, medical care, and education. With this program we provide free daily meals to children who are undernourished or at risk of malnutrition. Also we contribute with their medical care and we offer literacy tools for children and their mothers on different topics such as grammar, mathematics, disease prevention, emotional intelligence, gender violence sexuality, empowerment, among others.


We provide medicines and medical supplies to health centers, hospitals, and medical organizations suffering from extreme scarcity in rural and high-crime areas of Venezuela We also provide medicines to patients with chronic illnesses. This was our first program and has been running since 2016 helping and saving the lives of thousands of people.


Educational and food security program aimed at women between 15 and 50 years old living in rural areas of Venezuela to teach them how to produce food on a small scale. Through a 12 week program, we encourage their entrepreneurial spirit as women farmers and give them tools to sell the food they grow. 


This educational program was created in the midst of the pandemic to bring education to children and young people living in rural areas of Venezuela and where distance online learning is not an option. We teach more than 150 kids to read, write and basic math operations. In the case of children under 5 years of age, we focus on strengthening their cognitive skills.